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Divedro, Antigorio and Formazza Valleys

Valli Divedro Antigorio e Formazza

The Divedro, Antigorio and Formazza Valleys lie in the north-eastern part of the Ossola Valley. Val Divedro is renowned for its marble quarries and for the Simplon Pass linking Italy and Switzerland. As you go up the valley you will come across many Alpine villages, with Varzo as the main centre.

The Antigorio Valley starts from Crevoladossola and extends along the course of the River Toce, ending at Premia, a spa village whose natural hot water has therapeutic properties. After Antigorio, the Formazza Valley opens on a vast high plateau surrounded by spectacular high mountains. Towards the head of the valley are the Toce Falls, the highest waterfall in the north of Italy, with a drop of over 143 metres.

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